Let's support unaccompanied minors:

they should never have to

walk alone again!

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Fancy a trip to Belgium?

Up for the challenge of cycling 443 km in 72 hours?

Want to help unaccompanied children who have sought asylum in Europe?


I said yes to each of these questions and have found myself in a group of like minded cyclists from across Europe who have challenged themselves in an attempt to help others.


I recently moved countries, in a fairly controlled manner with support and my precious family around me. Things went wrong as they inevitably do but we got them sorted. I cannot imagine doing anything similar as an unaccompanied child fleeing their home. So that is one of the big reasons I am doing the ride.

This is the third year that Dora Rozsa from the BSA has been involved with this fundraising event. This is my first year! I have never ridden this far before, I'm not a sports woman. I'm excited to see if I can do this but terrified at the same time.

Negative demons whisper in my ear, "you're not fit enough", "you're too fat", "what if I don't fit in?", "You're the only unaccompanied female doing this". And the biggest question of all "Why are you doing this?". Maybe these are natural fears when faced with something daunting. Maybe these fears are what push me to train in the the wind, rain and sun (being British I'm not great with the heat!).


With less than 5 days to go, it's now getting serious!

I've worked up to a few 100 km rides over the last couple of weeks. On Sunday I had a 3 hour nap, so training is taking it's toll!


The ride starts on Friday 25th May. If you would like to support me, please use the links above.

Fingers crossed for no tantrums, tears or accidents!

Thank you,


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100% of all funds collected will support the Unaccompanied minor refugees.

No travel or administrative costs of Just Cycling will be covered by your donations! 

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